Did you know that most dog owners across the world don’t feed their dogs correctly? We’ve been taught to feed our dogs in ways that aren’t the healthiest by marketing teams for dog food companies – but vets agree that there are some things that owners really need to know about topics such as how much to feed your dog, whether you should buy organic dog food, and more. Here are a few things that may surprise you about dog food. 

Organic Dog Food May Be Healthier Than Natural Dog Food 

When it comes to dog food labels, a lot of them can be misleading. There aren’t any regulating bodies like there are for people food, deciding what labels can be used on dog food. However, while any dog food can call itself natural, only certain brands can claim to sell organic dog food. This is because, in place of having a governing pet food body, the USDA allows pet food companies to have the organic seal if they meet the same standards as human food that is labeled organic. 

It’s Better to Choose Animal Meat than Meat By-Products 

Some dog food companies, even those that sell organic dog food, use healthy and safe by-products, such as organ meat. However, not all do – many include things like gristle, horn, bone, and other undesirable parts of the animal. Because there’s no way to tell by looking at the label, it’s generally best to avoid by-products and just choose food that lists specific animal meat. And while we are on the subject of meat, be aware that most vets agree that raw meat is a no-no. There are too many bacteria present to make raw meat a good idea. 

You Are Feeding Your Dog Too Much Dog Food 

Even if you choose the heathiest organic dog food on the planet, dogs only need a certain amount of calories per day. Dog foods all have a recommended serving size listed, and they usually break it down by the size or weight of your dog. Keep in mind that puppies need more calories, and senior dogs need fewer calories. Measure your dog’s food every day, and remember that treats add calories too! 

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