Owners of young cats, or kitties over a year old, want to know how to provide the absolute best nutrition for their little felines. While dealing with a baby kitten is certainly the hardest part of owning a cat from birth, even after they no longer need mother’s milk and constant attention, young cats are still susceptible to nutritional imbalance and feeding errors.

Early Diet for Lifelong Health

It’s the dietary habits that young cats make early in life that determine their long-term health, so this period of your cat’s life is just as critical as weaning. Cat owners make many mistakes early on: a common one is the belief that dog and cat food are the same. On the contrary, cat food contains much higher levels of protein and fat than dog food, and under no circumstances should dog food be fed to your young cat.

On top of that, cats need steady access to the amino acid taurine on a daily basis, so it’s necessary for young cat owners to provide their pets with this substance regularly. It is found in all commercial cat foods but may be absent in many human foods that a cat owner may consider feeding to their feline.

What Should I Feed My Young Cat?

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), from the point of weaning onward, cats and young kittens should be fed a calorie-rich and protein-dense diet that is either designed to be eaten by kittens and young cats or by cats in every life stage. The majority of breeders recommend that juvenile cats be fed as much as they will eat, preferably by the free choice method, which means having a bowl of food available at all times for the cat to nibble on whenever they feel like it.

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