Pets are an important part of the family, and their proper care includes a healthy diet and a sufficient amount of exercise and activity. The top pet health food stores In Jacksonville, Florida provide nutritious food and advice on how healthy pet food can extend the life of your pet, as the right diet and food choices are a key step in giving them a long-lasting and vibrant life.

Healthy Pet Food Secrets that Can Help Your Furry Friend Live Longer

A holistic, natural, and organic diet is the best option for your pet, and the most complete choices can be found at the best pet health food stores In Jacksonville, Florida. When considering which food is the right fit for your pet, consider these secrets:

There a number of ingredients to be avoided.

Where the ingredients are sourced and processed makes a difference.

How much you feed them has a significant impact on their overall health.

Ingredients to Avoid

Many pet food manufacturers stuff their foods with fillers that can be unhealthy for your pet, and at the very least offer no nutritional value. Any food that has a high concentration of wheat, soy, corn, or animal by-products should be on your no-go list. The first three items in an ingredient list are the ones to pay the most attention to as they represent the highest concentration. If you are unable to avoid these ingredients completely, choose a food that does not use them as a top ingredient.

Location, Location, Location

A little-known trick that is used by pet food manufacturers that are looking to cut corners is to advertise that their food ingredients are sourced in the United States. If you see any type of similar verbiage, look for the fine print. If they are promoting the fact that the ingredients are from the US but do not market the product as Made in America, it is likely because the ingredients are processed in China. The best pet health food stores In Jacksonville, Florida make it clear that none of the products that they carry are sourced, made, or processed in China.

A Slim Pet is a Healthy Pet

Many pet owners do not realize that maintaining a lean physique on their pet is the healthiest option. Your pet should have a definition where the waist meets their hindquarters, with a slight indentation. Their ribs should also be somewhat visible. The ideal is a lean body, not one that is overly skinny or emaciated.

These simple secrets can help your pet to lead a vibrant and long life!

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