Whether you prefer to bathe your dog, or you take them to dog groomers in Gainesville, FL, its important to know which products are best for the job. This is particularly the case when related to shampoos for dogs. When your furry buddy ends up covered in dirt or has had a run-in with a skunk, you want something that works well. You also likely want to be sure its appropriate. Well look into how to determine that in this article. 

Ingredients to Watch For 

There are a few ingredients found in dog shampoos that should be avoided. These mainly include any added colorants or dyes. Shampoos made with these ingredients can cause health issue in some dogs. Look for shampoo in a natural color, like opaque white or light yellow. Anything brightly colored is likely not the best option. 

Perfumes & Fragrances 

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the shampoo you choose has a fragrance. Many of these are made from chemicals, which can cause problems like a headache or nausea in some dogs. Its better to choose shampoo that contains only natural organic ingredients to add a scent to the product. 

Skin Conditions 

If you have a dog that has itchy or flaky skin, you will want to purchase a moisturizing shampoo. Avoid shampoos with chemicals and instead look for ingredients like honey and oatmeal. These can be soothing to irritated skin. If you use shampoo and it causes a reaction, speak with your veterinarian to determine if the dog needs treatment or a special medicated shampoo. 

Fur Tangles 

Some dogs have coats that are very dry or easily tangled. Being sure that your dog groomers in Gainesville, FL use shampoo to reduce this problem is a great option. Sometimes a combination shampoo and conditioner can help this problem. In other cases, you may need a separate conditioner to add moisture back into the fur to avoid further tangles. 

Putting it Together 

Look for a shampoo with ingredients you are familiar with it. Aloe vera, oatmeal, herbal proteins, citrus extracts, and vitamins are all excellent ingredients to have. If you have further questions, speak with your vet for a more specialized recommendation. 

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