Paws on Parole “Golden Paw Awards”

50th Academy Celebration

March 11th, 2017

10am – 1pm

Join us at Earth Pets in Gainesville as we celebrate 50 academies of Paws on Parole dogs with this fun-filled adoption event! This will be the 2nd outing for these adoptable pups so come out and have fun!

There will be 8 adoptable dogs from the Paws on Parole training program. Paws on Parole is a program that pairs inmates of Alachua County with dogs from Animal Services in an effort to adopt the dogs out to a loving forever home. This academy in particular marks the 50th successful class of dogs so we’re celebrating these pups for the stars that they are!

Earth Pets is proud to present the nominees for 2017’s Golden Paw Awards! And the nominees are…