What To Look For In A Top Pet Supermarket

What To Look For In A Top Pet Supermarket

Posted on February 24, 2018

When we opened our first store we had what we thought was a good selection of holistic, natural and organic pet foods and products. However, as our little store evolved and developed into a much large natural pet supermarket, we realized that there were a lot of things that pet owners need.

The good news is that with our growth and with the input of our valued customers we have developed more than one top pet supermarket that is designed to be a fun place to come and get all your pet supplies in one easy stop. In order to help you evaluate our pet supermarket, or others you may visit, we have developed the following guidelines.

Must be Pet Centered
We believe that once we stop focusing in our customers, and their pets, we are no longer doing the right thing. Everyone that works at our stores is a pet lover and wants to ensure that our customers, and their companion pets of all types, have the foods, supplies, toys and accessories that they need.

Must Offer Top Products
The goal of our pet supply store, both our original location and our newest location, is to offer thebest quality products at prices that are affordable for our owners. We make a conscious effort to research our suppliers and to choose foods and consumables that are produced in companies that have high standards for pet food and consumable item manufacturing. We do not buy from companies that outsource their production or buy foods or ingredients for consumables from countries that do not have quality controls.

Must be Selective and Ethical
We also believe in being selective about the products that we stock and to be ethical both to ourselves and to our customers. If we find a brand that we stock has been assimilated into a company that isn’t reputable in their manufacturing processes we drop that food or consumable brand.

We believe that following these guidelines in our pet supermarket is important for us as well as for our customers. We work hard to build the trust of pet owners and make sure they, and their pets, have a positive experience in shopping with us every time.