The ABCs of Dog Behavior Problems

Posted on February 24, 2018

Most dog owners adore their canine companions, and with good reason. Research suggests that having a pet, such as a dog, can contribute to lower stress and a higher quality of life for the owner. Beyond the statistics, most people who’ve enjoyed the company of a dog can attest to the loyalty and bond of friendship that develops between a person and their dog.

Despite the positives, being a dog owner also comes with challenges. Today, we’re tackling the ABCs of some of the most common dog behavior problems that need immediate attention. From anxiety and aggression to chasing and chewing, we’re covering some of the most frustrating (and frustratingly frequent) dog behavior problems.

A’s — Anxiety and Aggression
When it comes to the A’s, anxiety and aggression are two of the most common dog behavior problems. Anxiety is most often separation anxiety, and can be one of the most heart-breaking dog behavior problems an owner has to deal with. On the other side of the coin is aggression: your dog is sweet-as-pie with you, but becomes aggressive in the company of others. When it comes to either of these dog behavior problems, it is best to call in an expert.

B’s — Barking and Biting
The B’s are nothing to laugh about, and can result in big trouble for dog owners. If your dog barks too much, you could be evicted from your home or scorned by your neighbors. Biting, however, is a much bigger deal, and solving the problem could mean life or death for your beloved dog. If your dog bites anyone other than you or an adult co-owner, you’ll need to seriously consider putting your friend down. Even worse, you may be ordered to do so by a court. Indeed, biting is one of the most serious dog behavior problems an owner has to deal with. Another of the B dog behavior problems is begging. This is best dealt with by not getting your dog used to human food.

C’s — Chewing and Chasing
The C’s are mostly an annoyance for dog owners, although both can be dangerous for the dog. Chasing can be dangerous for the dog if he or she goes after a car or object in busy traffic. Chewing is dangerous if the dog finds something that is dangerous to eat.

Although there are many dog behavior problems, these ABC dog behavior problems are some of the most common. Do you have experience with any of these?