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Earth Pets has been a long time advocate for animals and a strong believer in giving back to the Gainesville community by supporting pet rescues and like minded animal health conscious businesses for over 13 years. Ask about our support and how we can help.


The Earth Pets Difference: Our Core Philosophy Since 1979

The health and well-being of your pet is our top priority. That’s why we don’t carry pet foods containing corn, wheat, soy or animal by-products* and refuse to stock any consumable items sourced from or processed in China.** If any of our pet food sources are bought out by corporate giants, we won’t hesitate to replace any questionable brand(s) with trustworthy ones. In essence, you can shop with complete confidence in Earth Pets. We thoroughly research every product that we carry as if each one was going to be given to our own furry loved ones (and of course they are!). We rigidly keep up with FDA, supplier activity and recall information, and we make decisions based on what’s best for the health of the ultimate end user — your beloved, fuzzy family members.

*Pet foods include kibble, canned, dehydrated and freeze-dried pet food products, but not necessarily chews or treats.
**None of our consumable products are sourced from or processed in China.

Our Founder

Guy established Earth Pets to address the need for improved nutrition for our four legged friends. Earth Pets is a natural true green pet supply store stocked with all of your animals’ pet supplies, including the best healthy natural pet foods. Each of our pet products is selected for healthfulness, value, and safety for your family, for your pet, and for our environment.

We use our combined experience and knowledge, the input of many holistic veterinarians, years of study, and a strong conviction of ethics to bring you only the very best in pet nutrition and supplies. Whether it’s food, toys, or bedding, our products are healthy, earth-friendly, safe and ethical.

Unlike most pet supply stores, Earth Pets is owned and operated by experienced pet care professionals focusing on an honest, ethical, and holistic approach to caring for companion animals. We are vigilant in keeping up to date on the ever-changing pet retail and pet health care industries so that we can provide you with free, expert advice to help you better care for your companion animals.

We are often asked why we don’t sell many of the well known brands of pet food and supplies that are available in the mass market. Our answer is quite simple, if we wouldn’t offer it to our own pets, we’ll never offer it to yours. Each product and food we sell is carefully scrutinized before we bring it to our shelves; we select for healthfulness, value, safety, and ethical manufacturing so that you can shop with confidence.

Our Staff


Gay Webster-Sachs is the CEO of Earth Pets of North Florida — the family business founded by her brother, Guy Webster. She continues to strengthen the company’s dedicated culture of excellence in products, services, community — and loving care as a priority for pets and their human families. The customer service priority at Earth Pets is best reflected, Gay says, in “the wonderful and dedicated work of our friendly knowledgeable Co-Managers/Partners, Pope Hunter and Brian Sharp.” Gay is a Gator, who also earned a Masters in Mental Health, and currently also serves as CFO of Sachs Media Group, in Tallahassee. Gay’s credentials in caring for animals are part of her DNA. She’s been a sponsor of the Humane Society’s Kitty Glitter project and also has served on the group’s advisory board in Leon County. Personally, Gay is mother to two-year-old Maggie Mae, an English Golden Retriever, as well as feline family, Splash, rescued during the cold of winter, homeless, next to a dumpster; Molly, rescued from abandonment outside an apartment complex; and Eli, a cuddly “Rag Doll” breed pretty kitty. Some of Gay’s favorite daily moments are causing her cats to purr and her beloved Maggie Mae to run, play and swim.


Raised and educated in Gainesville, FL, has been involved with pet care and nutrition with the Webster family since meeting his wife, Holly Webster Huber, in 1997.  A local Jacksonville resident since 2003, has a professional background in the grocery industry including marketing for organic/natural food products, creative direction and packaging for private label consumables.  An outdoor enthusiast and advocate for environmental sustainability, truly loves animals, living a natural lifestyle and teaching others everything he has learned along the way…especially his two daughters, Kaia Huber (6) and Sienna Huber (3).  


Pope Hunter, a native son to Gainesville, has been a lifelong resident here and a loyal friend to animals. Pope’s UF studies in Business Administration have helped guide his career and its emphasis on the loving work of caring for pets and their human families. Growing up, Pope’s family emphasized the importance of the proper love and care of animals. His home always was a refuge for rescue cats. Pope has twelve years of retail experience, nine of which he spent managing local businesses. For over five years, Pope has dedicated the experience and knowledge gained from his education at UF and his time spent in the work force to Earth Pets Natural Pet Market. He was inspired by Guy Webster’s love for the people and animals in this community and his steadfast commitment to them. This motivated Pope to seek to emulate Guy, and follow in his bold footsteps, becoming a manager and a partner with the Webster family. To Pope, every day spent working at Earth Pets is an opportunity to contribute to the present and future health — and humane treatment — of animals.

Pope enjoys spending his free time with family members, especially his wife, Julie, and the three beloved animals whom they rescued together: their cats, Sophie and Jimi, and their dog, a Shih-Tzu named Breck. When he is not working or with family, this avid Gator fan can certainly be found cheering on his alma mater.


Brian graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor Degree in English. While there, he worked part-time at Earth Pets stocking shelves and learning about healthy, natural pet food from Guy Webster. During this time he became passionate about educating others on the importance of a proper pet friendly diet that is devoid of ingredients like corn, wheat, and by-products. After Brian graduated from UF in 2011 he became a Manager and Partner with the Webster Family, and has  since become an advocate of high-quality food, treats, and products that ensure the wellness and happiness of all pets.

Brian is very passionate about working with and adopting animals from rescues. He currently lives in Gainesville with his wife Kayla. Together they have adopted three rescue dogs, Biscuit, Banjo, and Maple, and two rescue cats, Bottles and Peaches.

What People Say

Our Goals

Your Pet’s Nutrition
Commercial dog food contains grains, preservatives, and additives, like junk food for humans these foods are low on nutrition and high in toxins. Earth Pets specializes in healthy pet food for your best friend.

Your Pet’s Health
With good nutrition and healthy alternatives to chemical laden shampoos and commercial foods your pet can enjoy good health and long life. With proper diet and natural supplements Earth Pets Natural Pet Store is unique.

Your Pet’s Happiness
The staff at Earth Pets knows true happiness comes from healthy relationships. Let them show you how you can provide the best life for the one’s you love. Pet toys, dog treats, pet beds and designer leashes are just a few of the special pet gifts you will find at Gainesville’s favorite pet boutique.