When you first take a new cat home, you have to make the decision between dry or wet cat food. While both are great sources of nutrition, you may wonder which one is best for your cat. Learning a bit more about each, and the benefits of choosing natural cat food in Jacksonville, can help you keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

Advantages of Wet Cat Food

Most pet cat food is sold in cans, some in pre-measured portions to ensure you give your cat the right amount. In some cases, if a cat has been diagnosed with certain types of medical conditions, they may benefit from this type of food. The higher content of moisture helps with kidney and urinary issues. Additionally, it can help a cat stay hydrated if it suffers from other health issues. Just remember, opting for natural cat food in Jacksonville is best, regardless of if you choose wet or dry.

Advantages of Dry Cat Food

You can purchase dry cat food in small or large sized bags, and it is less expensive than wet food because you can store it for longer periods of time. There are some cats that are fine with dry food. Also, you can leave out bowls of dry food for your cat to eat throughout the day. You can also easily measure out the proper amount to ensure you don’t overfeed your pet. These dry food options are just as healthy and nutritious as the wet.

In many cases, the decision between wed or dry cat food is going to come down to the preferences of your cat. If they don’t seem to like one or the other, it may be time to try something else. Just keep in mind, it is best to choose a natural cat food, since this is what is going to be best for your pet.

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