Are you a pet owner considering Petcurean dog food? Buying pet food can be tricky because there are so many brands out there. On many occasions, we end up buying dog food based on brand value or price. So, what are the basics you need to consider when purchasing Petcurean dog food in Jacksonville?

Points to Consider Before Purchasing Dog Food

The quality of food you are going to give to your dog is very important. You should give food that will keep your dog healthy, sleek and ensure a shiny coat and plenty of energy. The food you are giving should increase the immune system of your dog. So, how do you find such food? Look out for the following points.

  1. Certified: One of the key points to consider before you decide to buy a food item for your pet is to check that the product is certified. The food product should be certified by AAFCO. AAFCO has provided certain guidelines for pet food, all food products that are sold in the US should follow these guidelines.
  2. Ingredients: Look for the ingredients displayed in the product you are going to buy. Ingredients are displayed based on the weight. Therefore, the ingredient that is displayed first is what is most prevalent in the content and for your dog, that first ingredient should be some type of beef, lamb, poultry or fish.When it comes to Petcurean dog food in Jacksonville, you will never find ‘mystery meat’ in their products.
  3. Grains and Glutens: Grains contain essential carbohydrates that your dog can use as energy source. However, it is better to avoid glutens if your dog is allergic. Also, avoid grains such as wheat, corn and soy. Look for meals that contain potatoes, peas, barley and fruit.
  4. Avoid Sugar: When buying pet dog food, make sure it does not contain ingredients like glucose, corn syrup, sucrose, etc. They contains large amounts of sugar which is not good for your dog.
  5. No Artificial Ingredients: Just like human food that contain a lot of artificial ingredients, they are also not good for our pets, so make sure you look for them in the list of ingredients. Artificial coloring is also something else you don’t want.

Earth Pets Natural Pet Market specializes in healthy and holistic pet food and other products for your pets. They carefully review the contents of all the pet food they carry and if they would feed it to their own pets, they won’t carry it in their stores. They carry Petcurean dog food in Jacksonville and Gainesville as their products have passed the test for being healthy and for your pets. The health and well-being of your pet is their top priority.