This can be a somewhat controversial subject colored with emotional overtones –much the same as when discussing our own human diet (should we eat meat; or, only certain types of animal produce; or, be completely vegan?). In some ways; our own attitude to diet gets reflected in what and how we feed our pets.

Most Pet Owners Are Animal Lovers

But that does not stop all of them from being meat eaters. Additionally; if we limit our discussion to domesticated, pet dogs and cats; their owners are going to be aware that their beloved pets are descended from wild carnivorous animals that hunted down prey and ate their kills raw. As indeed did we way back in the mists of time before we discovered fire and invented the art of cooking. However, pet owners in (say Jacksonville Florida) would almost universally draw the line at going out and buying live animals for their pets to prey on, catch, kill and eat. What is more likely to happen is that they would buy raw pet food in Jacksonville and feed that to their pets.

To Cook And/Or Preserve?

When we go to the butcher or fishmonger and buy raw food for ourselves; it is not in our western tradition to consume it raw. So, we might be tempted to buy more than meets our own appetite and, after cooking it; feed the surplus to our pets. However, there is much evidence available showing the possibility that cooking and/or preserving food reduces its nutritional value. For sure, it protects against unhealthy aspects of food going off or being contaminated by bacteria; but, some of the inherent “goodness” can disappear in the process. We may not wish to eat our steak raw; but there is strong evidence that could lead us to believe that giving our pets Raw Pet Food in Jacksonville will be beneficial for them.

Careful Selection

Your pets raw food diet should be carefully selected for maximum benefit and will probably be a mixture of muscle meat, organs and bones, eggs and dairy produce plus some fresh fruits and vegetables Such a diet can lead to improvements in your pet’s energy levels, coat condition, cleaner teeth and overall welfare.

As recently as 2007; we experienced massive pet food recalls because cooked and preserved mass produced feeds were actually killing people’s pets – often as a side effect from additives in the commercial product. These additives were mainly related to grains (e.g. wheat gluten); although, melamine was also involved in some cases. Maybe these risks have now been eliminated; maybe not? But; with a raw pet food diet you can be sure that there are less suspicious additives, etc.