Just adopted a cat? Don’t know a thing about feeding feline pets? Here are a few tips from WebMD to help you out and start you and your pet’s life together on a healthy note:

  1. Don’t fill the food bowl to the brim. While some cats stop feeding after they’re full, others don’t stop until they’ve licked the bowl clean. Observe your cat to know which one type he is. If he’s like the second one, then it’s better if you leave only enough in his food bowl to satisfy him. Overfeeding your cat might result in a cute, fat cat but obesity in cats can cause major health problems for him in the future. So keep him healthy by limiting his food intake.
  2. Going for the dry food diet every day. If you’ve run out of wet food and you’ve got a ton to do, it’s tempting to just limit your cat’s diet to dry food. However, this could give your cats urinary tract problems. Too much dry food skews with his system and fails to address his hydration needs. To make sure he’s well hydrated, always keep a backup supply of wet food in your cupboard. That way, your cat will always have a balanced diet. Balanced diets, in turn, can give you a healthier and happier cat to live with.
  3. Shop for organic pet food. Another great way to keep your eyes full of the nutrients he needs is to provide him with ample supply of organic pet food. Since a healthy cat is safe from diseases, conditions and illnesses which can cost a lot, by providing him with healthy, well-balanced meals, you save up on medical costs and doctor bills that you would surely have if you feed your cat with unhealthy food.
  4. Make sure his water bowl is always full. Your cat’s body weight is about 60 to 70 percent water. That means he needs access to water all the time. Make sure you regularly freshen up that water bowl too. Sometimes, a cat will refuse to drink from the bowl when the water is a day or two old.
  5. Make him a balanced homemade diet. If you want to really look after the nutritional needs of your pet, you can certainly create homemade meals for your feline princess. But make sure you research on what food types will give your cat the perfect balanced meal.