You love cats and you can’t wait to bring one home. Before you do, read up on these common feeding mistakes from WebMD to make sure you won’t do the same with your own feline friend:

  1. Putting too much food in their bowls. It’s easy to overfeed cats. Since most live sedentary lives within people’s homes, they tend to not do a lot of strenuous activities. That’s why their nutrient needs aren’t all that high. So before you fill those food bowls to the brim, think again. Just leave enough that your cat can finish. If he nudges you for more though, then adjust the amount of food you’ll give him for his next feeding time.
  2. Limiting the diet to dry food. If your pets food predominantly dry food, then think about serving up some wet food as well. Too much dry food can give your cats urinary tract infections. Canned food helps keep they hydrated. You could also shop for great cat food staples at the pet supermarket nearest to you. Look for ethical pet products. This should include all organic, holistic and natural items, whether you’re shopping for food or toys.
  3. Leaving the water bowl empty. Your cats need plenty of water. 60 percent to 70 percent of your cat’s body weight is water. Take that away or provide an insufficient supply and you’re setting your cat up for some serious health problems.
  4. Unbalanced homemade diets. Some pet owners enjoy making pet food from scratch, never minding the nutritional needs of their pets. Don’t let that happen to you and your feline pal. If you want to feed your pet a homemade diet, then make sure you provide them with a balanced one. This is where organic food, preferably ethical pet products, will come in handy and help you create the perfect meals for your pet.
  5. Giving him garlic to eliminate parasitic infection. Some pet owners add garlic to their kitty’s food when they see signs of tapeworm infestation near their cat’s posterior. That’s a big no. It doesn’t and might do irrevocable damage to your cat’s red blood cells.
  6. Leaving the meat out. Your cat isn’t a vegetarian. He needs amino acid taurine, which is only found in animal tissue. So don’t keep the meat away. A balanced diet should consist of wet food and dry food.

These are just 5 handy tips to help you provide a healthy diet for your furry friend. Explore more as you and your cat spend more time together!