Just brought home your new furry friend? If you’re a first-time pet owner, caring for a dog can be a little scary—not to mention stressful. Some puppies often chew up everything in their sight. No, they’re not crazy, nor are they brain-damaged. It’s simply in their nature and you should try your best to correct that behavior. Still, your puppy chewing through your things isn’t healthy. If you can’t stop him at this point—at least until you get him into a good discipline school—the next best thing on your list is to keep him safe by knowing what to feed him and how. Here are a few tips from the CDC to help you with that:

  1. Keep Salmonella from infecting your pet’s food by doing the following:a. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and running water right after you pet your dog, handle his food or touch anything in his dog pen.

    b. Clean up his area. That or designate an area outside of the house where your pet can relieve himself. Then set cleaning schedules especially if it’s not convenient for you to shovel dirt a couple of times a day.

  2. Don’t use the kitchen for feeding times. This helps limit the exposure of dog food to “people food” and helps keep the germs on your pet’s food away from your own food.
  3. If you’ve got kids, then it’s a good idea to keep them away from the area where you feed your pets. Feeding pets might often feel territorial about their food. If the kids tend to pull the dog’s ears and he isn’t in an accommodating mood, that could result in a bite. So keep that from happening by ensuring your kids are well away from your dog when they eat. Some dog breeds might even be too aggressive for kids. Wait until they’ve been properly train before you let them anywhere near yours.
  4. Feed them with organic food. Some pet supermarket stores will offer a great alternative to canned wet food. With natural and organic pet food, you can provide your dog with a healthier diet. And of course, a healthier dog is a happier dog. So make sure you scour those pet supermarket stores. You might be pleasantly surprised at the great finds you’ll get your hands on. Try to get one of each of the natural pet products. Don’t buy in bulk yet. See which one he likes best. Then proceed to bulk-buying time.